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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PUNCTUM Inc Artist Callouts

I would like to spruike two opportunities that are currently accepting proposals and are facilitated by Punctum Inc.

Why these two?? I hear you ask...

-because as an artist who was fortunate to be guided towards these opportunities and experience them on a first hand basis I can safely say that I would strongly reccommend them for both established and emerging artists alike. 

- Details direct from PUNCTUM's site can be found by clicking on the link above so I won't rehash their own words. I will say that the work space provided through the sponsorship (Live Arts Incubator) was a highly effective way of ensuring productivity. The amount of work I was able to complete for the duration of the Seedpod was a substantial amount and directly related to the space, facilities and support provided not only by Punctum, but also by my work colleague, Jacques Soddell.
My own experiences of the Seedpod Sponsorship can be found on my blogg HERE

- Again, details for the above program can be found by clicking on the link.
Where this program differs from the traditional artists residency is in the fact that it adds into the equation, the value of cultural exchange. While other residencies may support this, In-habit takes an active approach in that this element is a necessity for their program to operate in the way that they have developed it to do so. 
My own experiences of the Inhabit international can be found on my blogg HERE