Australian Sound Artist

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Upcoming Release and Journey to Austria

Plans are slowly falling into place for this year with the most recent development being the forming of a connection with Clemens Hausch and his music label, Moozak - based in Vienna. As much as I love Australia I have been facing the cliche boundaries that are not uncommon to the emerging sound artist, where the first release does not stir the greatest interest amongst relative strangers from the same country. I must say I was dissapointed with the response's from the Australian connections that I sent my work to. All responses I had were from international communities and/or artists and while not all of the responses I had were offers to release - they were all positive, encouraging and often asking to receive more potential albums in the future. At the least, they thanked me for my work and acknowledged my efforts.

I continue to wish that the Australian experimental music community was more supportive. Perhaps I am still too idealistic as a young artist ...............

I was not adverse to releasing my album independently - but very much wanted to share the sounds with sonic communities outside my 'normal' surroundings. The thought of my sounds being held captive to their country of origin was frightening enough for me to take a few risks and reach beyond my safe haven of community - with no real control of where my work may or maynot end up......

Enter Moozak - a label dedicated to experimental music and one that very much puts their heart and soul into what they do. Whilst I have only conversed with Clemens at this stage (the label consists of three individuals) I can say that I have been overwhelmed by their commitment to sound and open honesty of intent. September will bring with it Moozak's annual festival in Vienna and I am excited at the open invitation to present my work live for the occasion. Plans are to to release the album in Vienna for the festival and then move on...... but as always - where to is still unknown.

details to be cont'd

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Letter to Aphex Twin and Autechre

Dear Aphex Twin/Autechre,

if you could please make the world I project onto you real - if you could take away all those horrors that cease to exist with the reality you entertain, then I might grant you the benefit of the doubt - that you are infact - interested in a greater good, and not just a money making making machine as part of the consumerism that has devoured us in our sleep. Can you promise me this? Can you prove to me that this is still the case? That you did not sell the soul of your sounds to a car commercial (Boards of Canada) or perhaps to a 'larger audience' purely for mass appeal.

I ask you this.

I ask what your intent is.

I ask you not to succumb to the nightmares I know exist.

I ask you to continue creating an alternative to a bigger problem, I ask that you do not give in and decide that all is in vain.

It all is relevant.

Every decision is valid

The passing of time is no excuse for submission or apathy.

Can you promise an anonymous listener?