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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ian Potter Cultural Trust 2014

Plans for 2014 are well on their way. I have been fortunate enough to be a recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust's grant, which will enable me to achieve three projects for the year. 

The first will be as visiting scholar to the University of Birmingham, where I will focus on their BEAST and electroacoustic studies departments. I am looking forward to meeting Professor Jonty Harrison (on the cusp of his retirement from his position at the University) and aim to spend this (unfortunately) brief time further researching work methods in acousmatic and electroacoustic composition.

The following two sections will involve joint residencies and attendance at two events in rural Italy. The first will be within Pollinaria in Civitella Casanova, Abruzzo, to be followed by the Interferenze new arts festival - curated, directed and founded by Leandro Pisano. It is expected that these two projects will entail a considerable amount of research, skill sharing (amongst participating artists) and engagement with local communities and environment. A natural osmosis between the two will be encouraged. I will provide more detail as plans progress but already - am becoming aware of the intrinsic bond between community and land. As a township built on inland mountains, agriculture is the base of their economy - with organic methods that support local 'genetic patrimony', being majority. I am inspired by the thought that these methods of working with the land, as established in the past, are still very much alive, respected and valued as part of daily life for both present and future generations.

Many thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation for providing such an opportunity for emerging artists. Support such as this makes possible the achievements that propel us into the (inter)national community and our mid career.....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

North East England: Sonic Postcard NEE04

:: NEE04 - Blowhole, Howick area 12th November 2013. Water - and fragile booming ::

Recording Technical Specifications:
Recording device: Sound Devices 788T
Microphones: DPA 4060 (stereo pair)