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Sunday, March 4, 2012

On the airwaves......

My first post for the new year (cringe)........ Took me quite a while and in my defense it has been so long NOT for lack of things to say but rather out of a mild paranoia of taking the first step. The end of last year left me with a lot to think about regarding my work. I found myself in a position of wondering if I was being heard.

'I know I'm working with sound so others have to be able to hear what I am creating.... but I don't think they are? I feel like I'm stuck in a sonic bubble like a childhood dream of shouting at others only to watch them walk past me with numb faces, unresponsive to my attempts to communicate.'
Internal dialogue Jan 2012

Goodnews is that my response to these feelings was to send out my album (yet to be released so hold onto your hats it's on it's way) to a small number of local and interstate radio hosts. I then sat back and waited. I know airtime can be tight not to mention - selective but nonetheless - i was pleasantly surprised to receive exposure, mild pluggs and playtime from a number of the stations. These included the below

Sound Quality on Radio National: Presented by Tim Ritchie

Far Side Virtual on PBS 106.7FM (Melbourne): Presented by James Parker

Delivery on Triple R 102.7FM (Melbourne): Presented by Owen Mckern

The above radio shows provide an unfathomable amount of support for local artists whose work ventures in, around and even sometimes out of the 'Experimental' genre. If you are wanting to discover something new or perhaps be reminded of just what is possible with sounds then I would highly reccommend tuning in to their frequencies.

Another favourite of mine is/was

Possible Musics on Phoenix 106.7FM (Bendigo): Presented by Jacques Soddell

Was sorry to hear this show had wrapped up and am quietly hoping Jacques will be back on air soon....