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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tattered Kaylor mix on The Field Reporter

I am very happy to have completed a 2013 mix of the Field Recordings I collected during the In-Habit Residency 2011, for David Valez's, 'The Field Reporter'. These sounds include a previously unreleased (in any capacity) recording of buskers at an annual festival in the small township of Bruere Allichamps.
Find more details about the sounds, have a listen and download the mix HERE
Many Thanks to Cheryl Tipp for inviting me to such an opportunity.



Monday, August 12, 2013

Sombre nay Sated: 'A Closer Listen' review

Fellow drone and field recording lover, Richard Allen reviews, 'Sombre nay Sated', for 
Have a read of Richard's complete thoughts HERE.

"When listening to Tattered Kaylor, we're not just listening to Tattered Kaylor; we're listening to other artists through her aural lens. Sombre nay Sated invites us to consider the subliminal ways in which we translate our own sonic experiences. Would Elieff be honoured if someone were to position these pieces (with attributions, of course!) as the foundations of their own re-imaginings? One suspects so. To this artist, sound interpretation is more important than sound preservation."
Richard Allen