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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inhabit International Arts Research and Cultural Exchange

2011 has started with exciting news - I am lucky enough to have been selected as a recipient of Punctum's Inhabit international residency to be completed at the 'abbaye de Noirlac', in the countryside of central France.

: An opportunity to work and create within the country at which the concept of the Acousmonium (as a sound system) and acousmatic spatialising, was born :

The work that will be undertaken at Noirlac will be heavily focussed on the acoustics of the present architecture as well as it's surroundings. I must say - the abbey itself looks sonically inspiring (yep I'm inspired to create sounds simply by looking at the buildings - I cannot wait to hear how the walls, arches and cavernous depths will affect the atmosphere)

These images are snapshots of those found at

At this stage, I plan to use my time there to make recordings (surround, stereo, mono) of various sounds. These sounds may have a highly charged cultural relevance to the local communities, or they may be a further expression and discovered detail of the reality I explore there. There is much to write about and much to do - will flesh out the details at a later date.

I hope to make these sounds available to all via the Freesound Project. I also hope to include others in the work process through the feedback and suggestions that can be made on the website - we'll see how it goes!

Much thanks must go to Jacques Soddell for his encouragement in my recent development of these work methods. 

Much-to-do, Much-to-do