Australian Sound Artist

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samadhi Mechanism - Quadraphonic Install

Earlier this year I was invited to present my work at the launch of the Kew Arts Centre. The timing could not have been better to exhibit and install 'Samadhi Mechanism' and the setting was near ideal as I had the use of an old gaol cell (sounds familiar). The size restraint of the cell meant I had to minimize speakers so my setup for the piece was down scaled from 7.1 to Quadraphonic with no Sub. This worked surprisingly well in the space due to how 'live' it was. Natural resonances appeared quickly and with little effort of volume, meaning that the addition of a Sub would only have muddied up the sounds and impacted negatively on the mix.
As the only artist working with Sound at the Arts Centre launch I enjoyed the discovery and experiences of others who were not too familiar with works in the medium. I am use to being surrounded and critiqued by people who are as obsessive and knowledgable of the styles and works created with sound as myself (or even moreso). Being placed as 'The Odd One Out' provided me with the gift of observing extremely honest responses and opinions that can become clouded by the impinging judgments of an art scene.

Many thanks to Caroline Carruthers from Boroondara Artists Travelling Show (BATS) for co ordinating the artists on the day and congratulations on your beginning!