Australian Sound Artist

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bonjour Paris

I arrived in Paris a few days ago and have been trying to cram in as much of the city's priceless culture and the arts as possible (within three days). My backpackers is a half hour walking distance from the louvre and say an hour from centre Paris so I'm travelling on foot - the best way to begin learning about a city! 

You will find me quietly watching foot traffic from a laneway cafe, or standing on a street corner with my small map in hand figuring out my next move. The city itself - it's infrastructure, buildings, developed lifestyles is nothing like what we are have in Australia. The general height of buildings is greater - often creating the feeling of narrower roads and meandering labyrinth's. 
Their use of height gives me a feeling of more space. It opens up the world around me. The signs of life positioned high in the sky (trees on balconies, overgrown vines and flower pots, beautiful ornate outdoor parisian chairs) creates a feeling of being surrounded by humanity as opposed to the stark walls of Melbourne's inner city high rises. The French seemed to have mastered the art of combining hectic inner city living without compromising the joys of everyday pleasures.

Just because there are limitations - does not mean that it must be stripped of the signs of humanity and of life's small luxuries.

Other points of interest include: The butter patties are MUCH bigger, French women really are thin and beautiful (generally speaking), junk and cheap inner city antiquities are relatively common, 'Sound Artist' is not a term that leads to confusion - it is common knowledge and taken with all due seriousness.

Je'aime Paris