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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Discovering Bruere Allichamps and workingworkingworking (9 days left)

:: One of the characterful houses of Bruere Allichamps ::
I've fallen in love with the houses of Bruere Allichamps. The above, is one of my favourites to date but there are so many more...... Majority (perhaps even all?) of the buildings within the town are of the same age. Some have been restored and/or maintained in their authenticity whereas others (like the one above) are yet to be tended to. The day I stumbled across this home the washing had just been done and an old radio was playing music not unlike Edith Piaf. From the street I could faintly hear a voice joining in for the chorus - was a little overcome with how perfect the world was then and there.

Fences and towering walls down alleyways bend and curve in towards you then out again seemingly defying physics and architecture by remaining standing and strong. Lamp posts are exactly that, and on route to the local bakery in the morning (two blocks) you will pass a number grandpa like figures in their day to day cap and well-worn shirt with a baguette or bannette under their arm. 

Sunday past was a great day. The town shutdown it's side roads and opened up as one big flea market (with a few food and carny stalls scattered around). I managed to gather a few sound recordings and was interested at peoples response. Some were understandably wary of me and would ask what I was doing. It was actually a perfect way to start conversations with others without feeling like you are imposing on their day. I had no negative response - most were happy to hear of my interest in the town and what I hope to use the sounds for. 

Night times are spent within the walls of le abbaye Noirlac. Light's are shut down at night so I bring in my own lantern and wander around in the dark a lot. The atmosphere is quite charged to say the least with bats keeping me company and following me as I move room to room. At this stage I have just begun introducing the field recordings to the refectory and listening. I plan to start tailoring the speaker configuration tonight to create a site specific system as well as begin working compositionally.

There is so little time.....

  :: Night time work in le abbaye Noirlac ::