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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inspiration for Moozak and Vienna

Gordon Matta-Clark: Conical Intersect, 1975
I am inspired by the space that will house the Moozak Festival. The venue is called MediaOpera - which is a space that was transformed from an old cattleshed into a venue. The thought of unleashing my sounds into such a space definitely sparks my creative intuition - pulling my ideas to the work of 70's artist, Gordon Matta-Clark. Originally schooled in architecture, Matta-Clark became known for his work that entailed cutting out pieces of floors, walls and ceilings from old and unused buildings (building cuts), leaving gaping holes in the walls of our realities.

'I aim to convert a place into a state of mind'
Matta-Clark: 1976

Gordon Matta-Clark: Office Baroque, 1977
I like the fact that he makes physical, changes to our environment that are not dissimilar to the changes that I envision when I work with sound and space. I like the fact that for the Moozak festival, artists are being placed within a space that has a previous identity (MediaOpera - Cattleshed) so there is already present an undertone impression of this character. The space has already been altered - and while we view it's built purpose and intent as being completely different to that of it's origin, the first reality still exists - moulding with the new and creating a new reality that is neither how it was, nor how we think we have made it to be.

Let's see what I will be able to add to the equation.......