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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Samadhi Mechanism: Live for Moozak

I can't remember the last time I left the house. I did go to my day job at some point in the hazy past but that's all it's become - hayyyyyzeeeeeeeee. Moozak is fast approaching and I have managed to reconfigure my control environment for this piece. The Behringer BCR2000 was beginning to look a little tired and as per all of us in the gadgets, gizmos, apps and widgets age - I've come to expect more.
The system I will be using for Moozak involves the Jazz mutant ipad app, 'Lemur'. I remember when these came out as an all in one touch screen + software hardware module for a cool $5000 give or take. Oh did I want one. And wasn't Bjork the envy of us all when she used her fame and influence to buy the things dreams are made of and coerce the creators of the Reactable to part with their treasure. I wasn't Bjork and I didn't have $5000 + dollars. I was the very-uncool one in the corner trying to find a way - any way - to get my hands on a Jazz Mutant Lemur.

Fast forward about five years and my wish is granted - no longer do I have to save my 5 cent pieces for a piece of glorified hardware - I can just get the app for $50 (and that is one expensive app mind you.....) and an ipad that does cost enough to make make you retch a little but hey.... I gave up justifying gear money a long time ago....

The selected elements to bring Samadhi Mechanism to life are
1. Audiomulch
2. Code controller by Livid
3. Ipad running Lemur.

It was harder than expected - but then again, the first time with a new setup is always a little bumpy and seeing as the piece had already been created, it was not such a fun process, more just the hardwork of trying to make the system do what I had been fantasising about for 5 long years. I managed to get there in the end and the final patch that I implemented in Audiomulch will definitely be made use of - good and proper with double digit speaker systems at some point in the future (I've made that promise to myself....). I havent' had any major buggs yet that I haven't been able to fix and I must say - it makes me nervous. Really would prefer not to crash and burn in Vienna - would much prefer it at those gigs you play with the one guy in a trenchcoat sitting at the end of the bar watching you and you know he's not there to listen... Those gigs always go smoothly but the big ones seem to find an excuse to FREAKOUT.

Enough delusional rambling. I would like to sleep before I get on the plane so back to it I go. I wish you could be there and maybe you will. I'm at sleep deprived level where I can see my microphone cases moving out of the corner of my eye but dammitt!!! -  they stop as soon as I look right at'em.... crafty buggers....