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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Selected Realities' Album Launch: Moozak 2012

:: 'Samadhi Mechanism' - live still ::

:: 'Samadhi Mechanism' - live still :: Images by Lennart Katzwinkel ::

Friday the 21st September was the opening night for the Moozak Festival, 2012 and the launch of my debut album. I had the absolute pleasure of being sick with (debateably) the worst headcold this side of the galaxy. Other than that - it was a blast.... 

I do feel the need to clarify a few things regarding my work - particularly, 'Samadhi Mechanism', (the audio visual piece that I presented on the night), as I was asked more than a few times about my work process and the source of the material, both Audio and Visual.

'Samadhi Mechanism', in it's entirety was created by me alone.
I recorded the sounds myself with my own equipment and using techniques as developed throughout my work. The only exception to the recordings is the melody - this is my own custom setting on Absynth (not a field recording). I recorded the visual material also. If I do collaborate or find source material elsewhere I am always quick to specify this fact and point to the original artist - that transparency is important to me - especially as sampling sounds and visual data can be so common amongst art practices (but not mine). Personally - i think it's worth clarifying these grey areas and important to credit those where credit is due.

BACK TO THE FESTIVAL................

Joys of the night included discovering local Viennese artists such as Peter Koger (No input visual mixing desk) and MAD (Fischer & Vicard & Kern) with their gritty conglomerative transfigurations of Kraut rock, free jazz, contemporary classical and improvisation. Other impressive acts included 'The Oscillation' with visuals by Julian Hand; this combination made the 60's themselves look like the 80's as they draped their stage in oil slide projections and psychedelic inspired kaleidoscope patterns. Throughout the nights performances there were a number of sound/visual installations surrounding the main area, to keep the punters interested and intrigued between acts. I must say that I love the combination of installation and live performance. Most festivals do not have the courage or the love of the arts to go to such lengths for only a couple of nights and it was impressive to see that Moozak want to interpret their label and their festivals in such a way. 

Catching up with the three behind Moozak, Clemens, Gerald and Ben, on Sunday night - they all looked to be stunned, exhausted and blissful. We did what all people do when in Austria and celebrating - ate schnitzel and drank beer and then rumor has it - they finally got some sleep..... I grabbed a copy of Moozak release 002 - which has sonic creations by Clemens and Gerald in it's descriptions. I am looking forward to listening to it back in Australia with my cats.