Australian Sound Artist

Monday, October 15, 2012

Selected Realities - Review in De:Bug issue #166

'Selected Realities', has a review in De:Bug #166. Translation in English below..........

"It is the perception of sound and thus accompanied perception of space and time which is the topic for Australian sound artist Tessa Elieff, and this combination of CD and DVD presents a good impression on how she is approaching this. Compositions made from sounds of Tibetan singing bowls or samples of singing birds only form the first level, followed by a second in which her sophisticated and diverse playback-recording-mix-procedure is suspended within the play of resonances in city-typical space constellations: E.G. within a six-storey stairwell or a waste water canal system, whose effects can be experienced on the 5.1-Surround DVD. The five concerned works including one live recording, often leave the entire sound experience with some documentary distance: You would just like to be at the locations yourself. However, a full compensation is given by the concluding quarter-hour audio/visual composition of recordings from the construction of a theatre lifting platform - an engaging symphony of heavy steel in cold light and geometrical dance."