Australian Sound Artist

Monday, December 24, 2012

ArtStart 2013

'Chris Watson Masterclass @ The Wired Lab, 2009: Image by Somaya Langley 
I am happy to say that in 2013 I will be one of the ArtStart recipients, as granted by the Australia Council for the Arts. I can't wait to get started on my plans which will involve heading to France and the UK around October for a number of intensive work developments.

The most exciting development to date - is the opportunity to work under the guidance and expertise of field recordist, Chris Watson. I was fortunate enough to meet Chris at a masterclass workshop at The Wired Lab, in rural South/West NSW, 2009. While I was impressed by his craftsmanship, I think it was his completely open dedication and love of his practice and conveyed respect and appreciation of sound that really knocked me over. While I was (and still consider myself) an amateur in the art of field recordings, Chris Watson was as approachable, humble and as generous with his time as if I was a fellow world-renowned  practitioner. The plan for the travel project is still developing but I hope to gather sounds under his teachings and then take them on to another institute for further developments - will see how I go and keep you posted.

Many thanks to the council for this opportunity. I hope to make the most of such an honor.