Australian Sound Artist

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Article on the British Libraries Sound and Vision blog

Recently I was approached by Cheryl Tipp - Curator of Natural Sounds at the British Library, and asked to write a blog entry for her series on guest field recordists and sound artists. I was very flattered to contribute and must say - it was a little confronting writing about my work in a rather candid way. I didn't expect to be quite so open but Cheryl has a knack of making you feel comfortable enough to do so.

The article titled, 'Tessa Elieff: Witness, documentarian and provocateur.' can be read HERE

I highly recommend having a read of the other contributing artists - such as John Kannenberg's unique twist with his works of sound recordings within museum's and Simon Elliot's life work on recording (and not disrupting) the voice of the wildlife. 

Lovely weekend reading and a way to escape for a little....