Australian Sound Artist

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow....

:: Lindisfarne ::

It's always hard to leave a place that you have been getting to know via a two or three week intensive listening and recording experience. I leave Alnwick tomorrow morning and already I'm taunted by all the sounds that slipped through my net. Not - to - fear, I did manage to collect a few gems, one of the last being a recording from the local clock repairer's store. Some of these sounds will become Sonic Postcards in the days to follow and I look forward to sharing them on this blog and on Freesound. From here I travel to London for a couple of days and then to Belgium by train. I'm very excited at the thought of the train journey. I have never been to Belgium before, nor caught a train to another country (Australia is a continent remember!) so will be a little like a kid in a candy store once the experience begins. I'll keep my recording gear handy just incase.... In Brussels I will be attending the L 'Espace du son, the 20th international acousmatic festival and I must say, I (again) am pretty positively wired about the planned experience. Hopefully by attending the festival I will become enlightened to more techniques and skills in sonic diffusion using methods of the acousmonium - which - I hope to use with the sounds I have gathered under the guidance of Chris Watson and in my solo work during this trip.

:: Chris Watson and Dunstanburgh Castle ::
The focussed work I undertook with Chris was a privilege that not only taught me about recording technique and method, but  also inadvertently about himself. His generosity extended beyond knowledge, to an honest point of care and love in the work that he does - recording the sounds of our world. His humble stance on what he has done and is still doing, provided me with an affirmation in my own work and a comfort in the knowledge that my own passion for sound alone - is an invaluable reason to continue (against the odds of finance, travel, time, health etc. etc. etc.) Many thanks (again) to Chris for the sharing of his expertise. The passing on of this knowledge, from accomplished artist to emerging is indeed a noble gesture that can be hard to find.

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