Australian Sound Artist

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

North East England: Sonic Postcard NEE03

:: NEE03 - Caris Clocks, Alnwick Town 15th Nov, 2013. General clock-ticking ambience and gentle chimes ::

Recording Technical Specifications:
Recording device: Sound Devices 788T
Microphones: DPA 4060 (stereo pair) and DPA4017
Multichannel recording and mixdown

Recording taken within Caris Clocks, Alnwick. Time keeper is 4th generation clock repairer, Gordon Caris. His son is 5th generation. Lovely sounds of ticking, a few gentle chimes. Clocks are irregular with their times (they are in for repairs...) so chiming is a bit erratic.

Many-thanks to Gordon for accommodating that which was so unfamiliar......