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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Electric (Quiet) Car

-was quite excited to hear about the rebirth of the electric car

better late than never...........

One of it's noticable feautures would be the fact that it is
S I L E N T.
Joy of joys we have finally found one solution to one primary culprit in the crime of sonic pollution.

Alas my enthusiasm was to be curbed - but not completely destroyed, at the release of articles such as this one.

It would seem that we have acclimatised to the constant humm of traffic to the point at which a drop in the volume of the sound, generates feelings of unease - even of possible threat to our safety.
While there is no doubt that the sound of a car's engine is an excellent indicator and sensory alarm for those with and without visual impairment I think it would be wise to acknowledge the fact that we now have the luxury of choice. Perhaps a reduction in level could be implemented - encouraging a movement against the belief that 'It must be louder to be heard'.

A golden opportunity to wean ourselves off the barrage of noise we have become deaf to and rediscover the experience of sound?

I hope so.............