Australian Sound Artist

Saturday, November 6, 2010

SeedPod #6

Immersion Studio
by Jacques Soddell and Tessa Elieff
Sat Nov 13th and Sun Nov 14th
8pm Tix $10 @ door
The Old Fire Station/Engine Room, Bendigo

Sound does not know the rules that apply to us regarding walls, corners and closed doors. It travels through, beyond and around – being in numerous places at once yet existing as a single entity. It permeates our surroundings and impacts on our environment. Under the guise of being unseen it expands and contracts space, pulling and twisting the edges we construct around our perceived reality.

Tessa Elieff is currently completing her honours in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sound) at RMIT. Her work centres on recordings of natural sonic phenomena. Spaces and places that create their own unique audible environment.

Jacques Soddell is a sound artist producing electroacoustic music, with an interest in deconstructing natural sounds (field recordings) to create new sounds and textures.

During their time in the Immersion Studio Tessa has collected surround and stereo recordings from Bendigo's Sacred Heart Cathedral and Jacques has delved further into methods of manipulation, destruction and cohesion regarding sound.  Their final presentation will showcase a work created from their skills combined - one that entwines both the untouched field recording and it's manipulated Other.  Listeners will experience a piece that aims to challenge our interpretation of reality, provoking us to question everyday perceptions we regard as being absolute.